Keeping in tandem with our motto ‘Committed to Excellence’, we strive to work towards scaling new heights by focusing on the diverse areas in the realm of education. We believe in unraveling every child’s potential and caliber by providing an environment conducive and suitable to discover his/her creativity and talent and also to awaken in him/her an enterprising spirit. Our vision is to prepare an individual for a wholesome life. Only then he/she could be a more dependable worker, a better citizen and obviously a good human being
We at Vidya Niketan School, wish to provide unique and supportive environs to learn and grow. We also diligently strive to mould the talents of the younger minds into skills to survive in ever changing dynamic competitive world of today.

We have a vision for a work-oriented, productive and futuristic education for a secured future of our children. We want them to take a long leap towards success.



Our first and foremost mission is to provide inspiring educational opportunities in the best possible way to achieve maximum intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of our students.

To respect the individuality and nurture the different capabilities of the students.

To develop positive approach to life and aiming at making our students global citizens.