Vice President’s Message

Mr. Harsh Gupta


Through our motto ‘Committed to Excellence’ our institution endeavours to cultivate all round development that fosters academic understanding, brilliance, physical development, creative skills, social responsibility & concern for one’s environment. This is diligently pursued by providing conducive environment in which resources are channelized to achieve the maximum and uphold our commitment towards nation building.

In the era of modernization and globalization, we at VNS, toil hard to furnish a conducive environment for the all-round development of our students’. The latest resources are made available to achieve the maximum development of the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of our students’ personality. We also understand the requirement of the present generation and make it a point to equip the students with basic attitudes, core values in addition to relevant curriculum.


Education has undergone and is still experiencing tremendous change, we provide such an environment that is adaptable and flexible facilitating potential changes wherever and whenever required with an objective to impart quality education. Besides providing excellent education, we also encourage the students to participate in life-skill activities for their growth and to enable them to realize their dreams, prove their mettle and scale new heights.