President’s Message






Ms. Indira Lohia

(President & Director)


The sole aim of school education is not merely the acquisition of scholastic excellence instead it should be the spirit of devotion to the course of humanity. The ultimate aim is to groom our students into committed, competent and confident beings. The school strives to inculcate a global perspective so that they develop a global awareness and become world citizens with spirit of service to society.

Education is the basis of all progress. In our journey on the path of education, our sole endeavor is towards making the life of our students enriching and meaningful. We want our students to be reservoir of immense positive energy, initiative and enthusiasm and hope that each student gains a new dimension of growth and a sense of individual worth. They are national asset and need to be nurtured with care, they need to be given a vision to access the highest and the best within themselves. We are successfully undertaking this noble task of nurturing the future academic geniuses to serve the society and look forward to keep on rendering our services selflessly.