Late Shri Nikunj Lohia

Words of Inspiration…

Late Shri Nikunj Lohia had been a great inspiration to all of us who worked expressively in the field of education. His tireless efforts and dedication had been a constant source of motivation to whosoever came into his contact. In fact his vision, endless endeavors and most importantly his presence act as a catalyst. He used to say that successful and happy individuals build a successful nation and what aids success is good education. In education lies the biggest service to the individual, to the society and to the mankind the world over.

Following the mission and motto ‘Committed to Excellence’, we must leave no stone unturned to transform the lives of future architects in the best possible manner as to groom them into good human beings. We must strive to impart true knowledge, promote understanding and train the students for exclusive wisdom. Simply making them to learn the things is not enough to bring the expected values. We must lend our students not only a perfect platform for unleashing the inquisitiveness and latent talents but also encourage them to accomplish the task with diligence and dignity. The young and dynamic minds need to be ignited to strive for excellence and bring laurels.