Administrative Board

Mr. Alok Varshney (Principal)

Commitment to meaningful education is of prime concern. The school provides quality education with an emphasis on all the three dimensions of the mind, body and spirit. Due attention is given on the development of oral and written expression. Children are enabled to develop self-learning skills instead of relying on external coaching. A new approach has been successfully initiated at the Pre-Primary and Primary sections. Learning is informal and done through play-way method using special designed aids. The emphasis is to make written work more creative with focus on the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the children to make them self-reliant. Simple independent activities are conducted time to time for scholastic and co-scholastic excellence.

Mrs. Manisha Gupta Advisors

Having earned a degree in MBA from University of Pittsburgh (U.S.), Mrs. Manisha is not only a name to reckon with in her subject but also a very active resource person for the school. She is instrumental in efficiently evolving the inherent inborn talents of the students. Her intensive research in Child Psychology helps and guides us to bring out the uniqueness in each child.

Mrs. Priyamvada Advisors

A distinguished MBA from the University of Manchester (U.S.), Mrs. Priyamvada is an embodiment of grace and poise. She is known for her systematic functioning, innovative and creative ideas and believing in creating an ambience around the learner which ignites his true spirits.